Mobile Media – Advertise On The Move

Branding our Ice Cream Vans can provide a bespoke advertising tool – an eye-catching design will expose your business and brand to a widespread audience.  It is an important medium for reaching an audience of all ages backgrounds and incomes.
It is the perfect way to attract attention especially if your campaign is giving away free ice cream to target potential clientele. After all, who can resist a delicious freebie! Being a mobile catering company, the vehicle can be moved, be in motion or stationary depending on preference.

Just choose the dates, positioning, desired routes and timings appropriate to your audience and leave the rest to us.

Let Mr & Mrs Whippy plan your all important media campaign. Sit back and watch us demonstrate the power, effectiveness and value for money offered by this unique mobile medium.

We can accommodate your needs for full or partial vehicle branding depending on budget and design. Just contact a member of our team who are always happy and ready to assist you.

Our ice cream cups can be branded also in a professional and flawless manner to showcase your business proudly.  We offer personalised cone sleeves displaying your brand with a hygienic option in today’s current pandemic recovery.
Bespoke printed napkins are an ideal and inexpensive way of promoting your business. This is great for product launches as a napkin will always linger in a pocket or handbag after an event.

Edible Personalised Products.

Personalised wafer discs are a fantastic way to promote your business name or brand especially when your customer gets to eat your marketing idea!

Eco – Tubs

Our top supplier brands have introduced unique personalised sleeved Eco-Tubs promoting your brand or business in an eco-friendly style. The eco-tub is completely edible and the personalised sleeve displaying your brand is biodegradable making this the fastest decomposing branded ice cream tub on the market. This is for those who are more conscious in contributing to a more sustainable future.

Who said anything about only ice cream!

If you do not want to give out ice cream to your audience then we are happy to distribute pamphlets or leaflets promoting your brand.
Keyrings, branded stationary, stress balls you name it and we will stock it and hand it out to the crowd. You also have the option of luring the publics attention with hot desserts, tea, coffee and signature hot chocolates with whipped cream.